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Creating with and for refugees.

A global photography and storytelling mission.

SOme of our work:

Parallel Lines

Fish Out Of Sea is a photography initiative for and by refugees and the agencies aiding them. It is a globally oriented project that aims to raise awareness to humanitarian crises through the viewpoint of those affected the most, whilst creating a powerful tool for agencies to show the reality on the ground.

Each participant received a disposable camera and one week to show life through their POV. 

We are a non profit project which aims to bring the instrument of photography and self expression to those who need it and provide an otherwise unseen perspective to the project's audience. 

Please consider supporting FOOS by inviting us for an exhibition, cooperation or by donating to us.

We give photo-expressive workshops that supply participants from a wide range of backgrounds with tools to create and let their voices be heard. 

The last projects we made span from the detention centers in the Israeli Negev desert to the notorious beaches and camps in the Greek islands of Lesbos & Chios, depicting the largest mass migration since WW2 from the eyes of those affected the most.

What we do
Our Chefs
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